Why leave a legacy to Prison Fellowship?

For over forty years, Prison Fellowship has followed God’s call to show Christ’s love to those in prison by coming alongside them and supporting them. We are aware of the scale of need in our prisons. There are no quick fixes, and so PF is committed to bringing God’s light and hope for the long haul. We seek to build upon hope where it exists and help recover it when it has been lost.

Your legacy is choosing to stand alongside those most disregarded by society – believing no one is beyond hope. We see everyone as Christ sees them. Whether you currently support PF by prayer, volunteering or through your financial support, your faithfulness to engage with men and women in prison is creating ripples of love, planting seeds of hope and ensuring that no one is forgotten. Those ripples will impact generations to come.

Practically, gifts in Wills play a vital part in PF’s services to the prison community. We want to ensure we can continue to sustain and develop a Christian ministry that supports prisoners and their families for many years to come. After taking care of your loved ones, a gift in your Will to PF, no matter the size, is enabling us to continue building upon the work God is already actively doing.


Your legacy will help PF to:

  • Continue supporting prisoners to be a part of Sycamore Tree and begin the journey of turning their life around.
  • Enable parents in prison to keep sending personalised hand-chosen gifts through Angel Tree to their children at home, lessening the pain of that separation at Christmas.
  • Invest in young offenders so they can write an Angel Tree Mothers’ Day card and send a gift voucher to their parent/carer, helping to restore relationships.
  • Reach more prisoners in order for them to receive life giving letters from PF volunteers through Letter Link.
  • Maintain PF volunteers being able to regularly visit prisons to support Chaplaincy teams in their vital role.

For more information about leaving a gift in your Will to Prison Fellowship, please contact Jo Henderson using the form below.

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How to leave a gift in your Will

Find all the information you need to leave a gift in your Will to Prison Fellowship, with our comprehensive list of FAQs. Or you can download our codicil form directly.