We believe that no one is beyond hope. Do you?

Kieran's Story
Our mission

To show Christ’s love to prisoners by coming alongside them and supporting them.

— Pray with us

Join us praying for prisoners, their families, prison staff and chaplaincy teams across England and Wales.

We restore prisoners' lives

PF volunteers support prisoners on their journey of restoration. Find out how we are standing alongside prisoners across England and Wales and how you can be part of this ministry.


Our impact

At the end of each financial year, we always present our numbers. Each number represents a life impacted - every Sycamore Tree learner who has been given the chance to understand the impact of their crime and chose a different path; every parent in prison who was able to connect at Christmas with their child; every young offender who was given the chance to say “I love you” to their mum.

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Last year:
Every day, our volunteers are coming alongside men and women in their local prison, practically and in prayer.
Prisoners helped
Through our programmes, and our volunteers presence in prisons, we are reaching thousands of men and women.
Our local PF groups pray for and practically support their local prison - our aim is to have a group for every prison!

Send PF Christmas cards

Why not send PF Christmas cards to your friends and family this year? Read about this year's card, by the prisoner who designed it for us.

Involving your church

We believe we are answering Jesus’ call to support and love some of the most marginalised people in our society, and that the Church has a central role to play.