Bible Studies

We currently partner with HMPPS Chaplaincy Headquarters to provide those in prison with weekly Bible Studies, which are distributed to all prisons in England and Wales.

This ministry enables people in prison to engage with Scripture in a fun and engaging way. We have a small team of Volunteers who steer and write these Bible Studies – they work hard to ensure that they are thought-provoking and full of hope.

We invite Supporters and Volunteers to come alongside those in prison by also receiving the Bible Studies into their inbox each week. The materials can be used as a focal point for prayer in churches or small groups, or simply for private reflection.

If you would like to receive these resources, please sign up using the link below. We hope you will find our Bible Studies inspiring and helpful.

And please keep praying for the men and women making use of the Bible Studies in prisons, that these words will nourish their spiritual lives and help their walk of faith.

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How can I get involved?

Our Bible Studies are a great way for you to come alongside those in prison as together you study God’s Word. Subscribe using the link above to receive weekly Bible Studies straight to your inbox!

— Pray for our Bible Study ministry

Join us in praying for those in prison as they study God's Word!