How we work

PF’s mission is to show Christ’s love to people in prison by coming alongside them and supporting them. We seek through prayer and practical care to help, support and develop a Christian ministry to people in prison and their families.

We do this through our network of over 3,000 volunteers. We are currently ministering in all of the 120 prisons in England and Wales.

Our aim is to have a group in place to support every prison in England and Wales. PF volunteers connect with their local group, as this is where they get a feel for PF’s work and can be trained up to go into prison or volunteer in other programmes. As well as supporting prisons in prayer and running PF programmes, local groups are the primary connection with their local prison for PF.

Prayer is the basis for all that we do, and where it all started 40 years ago. All our activities are underpinned by prayer through our PF local groups, which usually meet monthly.

Our Values

Prayerfulness – everything we do is rooted in prayer, our work is an expression of our faith, and its fruit an expression of God’s faithfulness – through prayer we see others as Christ sees them.
Respect – Every person has great value – can change and should be given the opportunity to change.
Humility – recognising our own weakness and suffering helps us connect with each other, victims of crime and offenders.
Unity – we recognise we are part of God’s bigger plan and our success depends on working closely with each other and with partners to reach more people in prison.
Integrity – having little difference between what we think, what we say and what we do – aligning ourselves with our calling, honesty and good stewardship.
Hope – we seek to build upon hope where it exists and help find it when it has been lost.
Compassion – we move beyond empathy and are willing to help. We desire a generous spirit.
Dignity – we believe that every person is made in God’s image and so is worthy of respect, without condition.

What we believe

Prison Fellowship is a Christian organisation, and is part of a global movement of people motivated by their faith to transform lives and communities by bringing love in action, acting with justice and showing mercy. We work with people of all faiths and no faith, and we treat every person with respect and dignity.
We believe that no one is beyond hope, and that every life can be transformed.