Angel Tree Mother’s Day

“To the world’s most amazing mum. Thank you for everything and all the support you’ve given me while I’ve been away. You’ve been strong through it all and I just want to promise you I will NEVER put you through this again. Sorry for everything. Love and miss you loads.”
– Young person in prison

Angel Tree Mother’s Day supports young adults in prison in their family relationships by enabling them to have a gift sent on their behalf, containing their own message, to their mother or other significant adult, on Mother’s Day.

Our Angel Tree Administrator shares, “Last year, we sent over 804 gifts to mothers of young offenders, and we would love to offer this to more young people in the future. We all know the importance of the family and we have all struggled when disconnected from loved ones or mourning their loss. Maintaining contact is key in keeping stability – and for young offenders that is even more important when they are physically removed from their families.”

“Today is Mothering Sunday and this morning I opened a lovely card with a gift voucher from my 16 year old son who is unfortunately serving 6 months in prison. I would like to say how grateful and pleased I am. This is a very difficult time for us and receiving this card was just so lovely. Thank you so much.”
– Cara, a mother

How can I get involved?

We can all identify with the importance of staying connected with our mums. Could your church or women’s group partner with us to help young adults in prison repair and maintain that vital relationship? Perhaps you could commit to funding a number of gifts from your group, or running a Mother’s Day afternoon tea with all the proceeds going to Angel Tree Mother's Day? We’d love to chat with you about your ideas!
If you would like to enable the mother or carer of a prisoner to receive a gift this Mother's Day, please do give generously. Each present costs just £10, including postage.
David's Story - Angel Tree Mothers' Day
““I think it’s because of that card!”” — David, Angel Tree Mother's Day participant

David's Story

Seventeen-year-old David was overjoyed as he spoke to the prison chaplain. Having not heard from his mum in two years, he decided to reach out to her through Angel Tree Mother's Day. Wonderfully, he received a card back from his mum, asking if she could come and visit him in his Young Offender’s Institute.

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Why do we do it?

The number of children in custody in England and Wales has fallen by 70% in the last decade. Despite this welcome reduction, the children still being sent to prison are often very troubled and vulnerable.

In 2018, there were around 890 children in prison, and around 14,000 young adults (aged 18-24). Children in care make up around 40% of children in secure training centres and young offender institutions. Six in 10 children sent to prison are re-convicted within a year of release—this rises to 68% for those serving sentences of less than six months.

Having strong and supportive home relationships to go back to on release, is a vital component in enabling young people to stay away from further crime. We believe providing this opportunity at Mother’s Day is one simple but powerful way we can contribute to maintaining and repairing those important relationships.

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Could you bring a young person and their mum closer together this Mother's Day?