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Responding to devastation

Many of us are very concerned about the conflict in the Ukraine.

Amid the disaster and suffering, we also see the best in people. The combined actions of individuals, churches and organisations responding all over the world is an encouragement as we seek to see an end to the conflict.

Despite the devastating situation, Prison Fellowship Ukraine continues to serve the country as they seek to help those in Kyiv and the surrounding areas. As the need continues to grow, so has the team’s willingness to serve, going above and beyond the call of duty. Their commitment and sacrifice is an inspiration.

Since the start, PF Ukraine (lead by Viacheslav) have helped over 300 families escape to safety and assisted in receiving and distributing humanitarian aid to numerous Ukrainian citizens.

They also continue to support prisons in Ukraine— many of which are far from large urban centres—that are experiencing difficulty in receiving sufficient supplies. PF Ukraine has helped to supply two prisons with extra food and continues to assist people within Ukraine as they figure out their next steps.

Aid is also coming from other Prison Fellowship organisations close to Ukraine.

PF Romania continues to be involved in the delivery of aid to partners in Ukraine, and assisting those making their way into the country through the Sighet Border. In early March, they opened their social centre in Cluj to 46 children with disabilities and their care givers.

PF Czech Republic is also hard at work building support and gathering relief items for those in Ukraine.

Let us continue to pray for Viacheslav, the PF Ukraine team and all those supporting the relief effort in Ukraine.

Prayer points:

• Pray for the safety of those risking their lives to help others— especially Viacheslav and the PF Ukraine team.
• Four PF Ukraine volunteers have been killed and a greater number taken captive during the fighting. Pray for those who are grieving or concerned about their loved ones.
• Pray for children of prisoners who may be needing to leave their parent behind as they escape the country.
• Pray for PF Romania as they directly support refugees in their social centre and at the border. Pray for all organisations involved in providing humanitarian aid.
• Pray for everyone in prison, their families and prison staff. Pray the prisons will not be attacked and that everyone will be sufficiently provided for, especially considering it is extremely cold.

Spiritually people are also suffering. Pastor Viacheslav (Executive Director of PF Ukraine) takes every opportunity to pray with and comfort those who are hurting.
Andrei (right) the Executive Director of PF Romania with two volunteers is deeply involved with front line activities as well as leading the response to deliver humanitarian aid to partners.
Here Viacheslav, Executive Director of PF Ukraine works with volunteers to fuel vehicles used to support their work. These are used to evacuate people and to deliver humanitarian aid to communities and institutions. On Sunday 20th March they evacuated 23 people to safety.
Relief items on a journey from Czech Republic, through Poland and onwards to PF Ukraine.
PF Romania has been undertaking distributions at Sighet Border. For the time being, refugees have been passing through, collecting immediate relief support before continuing to host families.
PF Ukraine continue to evacuate people in areas under fire, bringing them to safety within Ukraine or to the borders.



“I can honestly say that I never had as much satisfaction when I worked as I do now as a volunteer.” — Arthur, Chaplaincy Support volunteer

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