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“Having a ‘Lord view'” – Dr Opeyemi Babatunde

Everyone has a worldview – it is a lens, the way in which we view the world, our life, circumstances, people and situations around us. It is based on our own unique experiences and shapes our perspectives and the way we process things.

The word “set” means to put, lay, or stand (something) in a specified place or position. In the Psalm, David decided to set, or ‘put’ the Lord in sight and fix his gaze on Him – to visualise his world, the road ahead, and his future through his Lord. He alludes to this as the very reason why he cannot be moved.

This type of “Lord view” often contradicts common reasoning. It is similar to what Alice experiences in the popular children’s story Alice Through the Looking Glass. The view through the mirror sets Alice apart. Many things on the other side of the glass are the opposite from real life. However, after a closer, clearer look at things Alice becomes far less confused.

David chose to make God his focus and perspective – his view through every situation and circumstance. Doing this meant that he could stand firm through many of life’s challenges. The same decision to have a “Lord view” also resulted in the pleasure and blessing of being present; living in today as part of an evolving story of redemption, and a confidence of God’s care for him.

“I have set the LORD always before me” speaks not just of a decision, but a present continuous action. How do we keep viewing things in our lives and around us through the lens of the Lord? How can we see things as God sees them? I see an answer in Hebrews 10:23:

Holding fast means setting in place, not giving in to any other consideration except God’s unchanging and infallible character. The profession of our faith is that God, who promised us His unfailing love, is kind and faithful. We ought to consistently see this with the eyes of our mind, say it in the mediations of our heart, and speak it with the words of our mouth. The Bible says such hope does not disappoint or put to shame, and that we will be secured because our hope is sure.


It is easier to let the Lord be our lens in more positive times – when wrapping Angel Tree gifts and when comfortable in our warm homes. But we should keep Him front and centre in more challenging times, too: when the headlines are disheartening, when life seems so very unpredictable, when we become weary or worn out by stacking bills or a heart that keeps aching.

I encourage you to have the “Lord’s view”. Like Alice, but so much more, we can become unleashed into a glorious adventure by setting our minds on His Word, holding on to hope – that is the way to go!

Dr Opeyemi Babatunde is an Angel Tree Coordinator, Letter Writer and part of PF Newcastle-under-Lyme.

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