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Positive Ripples

Let me be honest — it’s not easy for our learners in prison to take part in the Sycamore Tree course. It invites them to take a long hard look at the negative ripples their actions have caused.

Can you imagine being asked to do that? To look at your worst behaviour—the anger, the selfishness, the hatred—and take in, really take in, the impact on your victims, your family, your friends and the wider community?

We expect so much of the men and women who take this course. But we do so because we have witnessed the power of Sycamore Tree to turn a life around.

Will you to stand with these learners as they take this courageous step towards healing and restoration? Your gift will help enable even more courses to be run in prisons across England and Wales.

Sycamore Tree offers prisoners a new vision, a vision of Hope. If learners can face up to the impact of those negative ripples of their actions, they can also reach an astounding new truth: they are invited to start making positive ripples!

Will you create positive ripples with them? Sycamore Tree is not only allowing men and women in prison to turn their own lives around—from there they are finding new hope to create positive impact in their own communities and families. This is the untold impact of your support!

Thanks to the generosity of people like you and the dedication of our volunteers, we were able last year to deliver 141 Sycamore Tree courses – the most we have ever done. Just imagine all the positive ripples from each of those learners!

We expect a further 2,600 men and women to complete the course this year. If you would prayerfully consider making a life-transforming gift towards Sycamore Tree, we would be so grateful. You will be making more positive ripples and changing lives forever.

Make a donation to Sycamore Tree today!



“I can honestly say that I never had as much satisfaction when I worked as I do now as a volunteer.” — Arthur, Chaplaincy Support volunteer

Volunteer with PF

Volunteers are the life-blood of our organisation, and what they do in the lives of those in prison and as they pray, is incredibly valuable. If you are looking to use your time to support some of the most marginalised people in our society to transform their lives, then volunteering could be for you.

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