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Standing in the gap

Last year continued to bring challenges and exceptional circumstances to all our lives. We still felt that we needed to rebuild so much of our everyday life which had been, and still is, affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As our communities began to build back, the situations in prisons across England and Wales were often a different matter. Even now, in 2022, Covid restrictions are still in place in many prisons resulting in limited visits from family and more time spent inside cells.

It is in this context that Angel Tree once again sought to bring hope and connection to those separated by prison walls. This loss of connection had been exacerbated by the pandemic.

Prison Fellowship volunteers stood up in trying circumstances to offer Angel Tree: to purchase and wrap presents, and to help distribute them to children across England and Wales.

Joanna, PF’s Angel Tree Administrator, gives thanks to our volunteers for the hard work that went into making Angel Tree such a success again this year: 

‘Reading through the feedback from the Mums and Dads that I have received in the office just highlights the power of this programme for them and their families. Standing in the gap has so much value, thank you.’

Given the kind of year it had been, Angel Tree seeing a record number of parents taking part and children receiving presents is nothing short of miraculous. 

Stephen, PF’s Operations Manager also gives thanks:

‘Once again, we have seen an increase in the number of parents participating in Angel Tree and the total gifts sent to their children. It is incredible to know that 4,624 children were able to receive a present from Mum or Dad on Christmas day and 2,532 parents got the opportunity to further connect with their kids. I can only imagine the kind of impact this will have on the lives of everyone involved—thank you to everyone who supported Angel Tree.’

The ripple effects of this incredible work were even picked up by national news with Angel Tree featuring in multiple papers, including the London Evening Standard. Additionally, our CEO, Peter Holloway, appeared on LBC Radio and GB News.

We are simply left to be grateful to all who made Angel Tree possible last year and who continue to support the programme.

Peter says,

‘A huge thank you to everyone who made Angel Tree possible this Christmas by donating so generously. With you, we were able to support thousands of families, bringing them joy and strengthening important family ties. We couldn’t do it without your help!’

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“I can honestly say that I never had as much satisfaction when I worked as I do now as a volunteer.” — Arthur, Chaplaincy Support volunteer

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