Angel Tree – Gift Drop-Off Safeguarding Policy

These are the conditions that need to be adhered to when hand delivering Angel Tree gifts to main carers.

  • I will plan my drop off in advance with the main carer stated on the application form.
  • A timetable of all deliveries to be made along with the addresses will be kept with a responsible cleared PF volunteer. On completion of each day’s deliveries they will be notified of the group’s return.
  • When delivering parcels by car there will always be 2 volunteers with me. One to stay in the car with the other gifts to be delivered and one to co-deliver. If delivering on foot, then there will be another volunteer accompanying me.
  • Under no circumstances can minors accompany any volunteer in the delivery of gifts.
  • On delivering gifts, I will not state that I am from Prison Fellowship unless I am speaking to the main carer whose name has been clearly stated on the Angel Tree application form completed by the prisoner.
  • Parcels cannot be handed to any children at the address of the main carer, in any circumstance.

Please note that Prison Fellowship do not carry out DBS checks on our volunteers, so we DO NOT allow gifts to be hand-delivered to children. It is recommended the Angel Tree Coordinators are DBS checked through their own church.

  • I will not enter the home of the main carer and will not accept offers of tea/coffee or any gifts.
  • If no one is in I will not leave the parcel with anyone else but rearrange another time to drop off, following the same guideline in all previous points.
  • If any further contact is requested by a main carer this will need to be formally arranged with the express permission of the church Pastor under the PF Groups cover and not through Prison Fellowship.

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