**Thank you! We are no longer accepting orders for Mothers’ Day cards in 2020. You can still support our Angel Tree Mothers’ Day programme through a donation on our Give page.**

Each Angel Tree Mothers’ Day alternative gift card ordered allows a young offender to send their own mum or carer a card and gift with a personal message this Mothers’ Day, helping to sustain and repair that vital relationship.

Last year, one teenager wrote, “Thank you for everything and all the support you’ve given me while I’ve been away. You’ve been strong through it all and I just want to promise you I will NEVER put you through this again. Sorry for everything. Love and miss you loads.”

Honour the relationship you have with your own mum, by helping a young offender strengthen their own relationship. It may make all the difference to their future.

Angel Tree Mothers' Day

A gift to turn a life around

Angel Tree doesn't end at Christmas. We are passionate about strengthening family relationships of those in prison. Find out how our Mothers' Day programme helps to do that.

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So how does it work?

These Mothers' Day alternative gift cards are offered for a suggested donation of £10 each. To order a card, make your donation using the form above, and we will put it in the post for you within two working days.
Each A6 card has either a bright yellow Tulip design or a lovely Blossom design on the front cover. An insert in the card gives a short explanation of the donation you have made in their honour. The inside of the card is left blank for your own message.
We aim to get the card in the post to you within two working days of receiving your donation, and cards will be sent by 2nd class post.

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Your gift today could allow a young person to reconnect with their mum or carer.